Body Corporate Management Services

Adding value to you

It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to explain how Practice Mastery can assist you to obtain your objectives.

At Practice Mastery, I start by getting the basics right. You should expect that the secretarial and administrative aspects of your business are in safe hands. Naturally, I will ensure that the compliance aspects of your business are properly and efficiently handled.

Secretarial duties may include convening and attending AGM, convene and attend committee meetings, prepare and distribute meeting notices, minutes, nominations, proxies and to attend to all correspondence as directed. I am available to organise and attend meetings between 6am and 10pm if required.

Financial duties may include opening, maintaining and operating a bank account for administrative and sinking funds, issue levy notices, receipt all moneys and pay all accounts, preparing monthly reconciliations, prepare draft budgets in close liaison with Body Corporate Committee, prepare statement of accounts each financial year.

I will liaise with your accountant to ensure timely and accurate BAS and Income Tax lodgements.

Initially I will review your internal control systems, to ensure controls are in place to properly record the transactions in a way that will assist in timely preparation of regular management accounts and year-end taxation reports.

As part of my initial review I will provide a report regarding the status with regard to taxation compliance.

Administrative duties may include organising insurances, Work Place Health and Safety inspections, sinking fund review, as well as establishing, maintaining and make available for inspections the roll, registers and records required by the Body Corporate and Community Act.

I am available as required to implement the decisions of the Body Corporate and its committee and to provide advice on matters of accounting, financial management and general administration.

I will review the overall structure and systems to ensure there are no inefficiencies built into the existing procedures. This review will ensure that all transactions are processed efficiently.

I enjoy the opportunity of working with communities and understand that from an owner’s point of view that harmony in the neighbourhood is essential to peaceful living.

My skills and experience in dealing with businesses will allow you to enjoy your living, knowing that the business matters are under control.

I will work with you to assist in proactive decision making rather than waiting for problems to escalate to major issues. This may include discussion of options available to the body corporate to achieve a safe, secure and efficient management and ownership in the years to come. Practice Mastery has assisted many owners in achieving their desired outcomes.

I believe that you have an excellent community model, position to ensure peace and harmony in residence, and excellent selling options when you needs change.

Practice Mastery is excited to be part of this plan and look forward to assisting owners and management in delivery of your vision.